Repair Services


Have percussion instruments in need of repair? I offer a full range of repair and maintenance options for schools and other institutions in the DFW area. Whether it’s a single drum, or a whole school’s worth of instruments, I can get it done for you. 

Click here for a free PDF recommended maintenance schedule.

Contact me today, and let me know what you need. 

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Here is a list of services I currently offer. Don’t see what you need on the list? There’s a good chance I can still help. Just ask! We’ll figure out a way to get it done.

Full Service:

  1. Repair, revive, and reorganize: Go through all the old percussion storage and sort through any used or nonfunctioning instruments and hardware to bring them back to life. Get everything like new again. Save money by reviving the old instruments instead of having to buy replacements.
  2. Maintain and tune up: Everything in working order? Have me come by and put on new heads, marimba string, etc. to get ready for your next semester of music making!
  3. Pre-contest prep: All-Region auditions around the corner? UIL coming up? Have me clear timpani heads, set gauges, tune up snare drums and get any other instruments needed ready to go so you can have your best possible performance!

Keyboard services:

  1. Restring
  2. Replace broken posts
  3. Rail and end block repair
  4. Re-hang chime tubes
  5. Vibe pedal and damper pad adjustments/repairs 
  6. Glockenspiel case repair

Drum services:

  1. Head and snare replacement and tune up
  2. Recut bearing edges and snare beds
  3. Fix or replace damaged hardware
  4. Floor Tom to field drum conversion 
  5. Drum set snare to concert snare conversion
  6. Repair wood hoops
  7. Retro fit old drums with new mounts
  8. Remount bass drums on suspension stands

Timpani services:

  1. Replace and clear heads

Cymbal services:

  1. Create effects cymbals (ozone etc)
  2. Drill to stabilize cracks 
  3. Replace crash cymbal straps

Other services:

  1. Replace tambourine heads
  2. Temple blocks/wood blocks, fix cracks and splits
  3. Custom instruments: need something odd or special? Maybe we can make it for you.

*Please note, not all instruments are repairable, but it never hurts to ask! We will do our best to get everything working again.