You didn’t build that! for Marimba and Electric Guitar

This piece was commissioned by Luke Hubley and George Heatcho for the Liminal Space Contemporary Music Ensemble. The title of this piece comes from a speech made by the president during the 2012 elections. I can never get enough political news and am always fascinated by stories and sound bites as they develop. The phrase “you didn’t build that” became one such sound bite. I followed this story as it went from one small phrase in a speech to a national phenomenon taking over the news (even if only briefly). Both sides spent countless hours reframing and explaining those four little words trying to take over the story for their own benefit. You didn’t build that takes the listener through the entire life cycle of the sound bite, from inception until the story dies, presumably to make way for the next big thing.

All music (score and parts) will be delivered as printable PDF files.