New Book! – Stylistic Adventures for Two Mallets

My new book Stylistic Adventures for Two Mallets is complete! It will be available at the TMEA Convention in San Antonio this week as well as from, followed soon by other music book retailers.

The title comes from the idea that the etudes in this book run a wide variety of styles. It explores many styles such as pop, classical, ragtime, Americana, Brazilian choro, Afro-Cuban montuno, and much more. These varying styles will help students expand their musicality and improve technique, since different styles present varying challenges.

The book is in three sections. The first part, I call “Pretudes”. These are short melodic tunes to help players with techniques such as rolling, double stops, etc. Due to their short nature, they work well for younger students to help get their feet wet.

Next come the two etude sections. There are twelve Intermediate and twelve Advanced etudes. The difficulty levels were determined by not only the technical challenges each etude presents, but also the musical complexity.

These etudes can be used as one big progressive study, audition material for student groups, recital material, or even testing material. I really think there is something in here for just about every student and teacher. Here is a short video with some etude samples to get a sense of what is in there:

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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