Snare Drum Etude #2

Click here to download a copy of the etude.

This etude is inspired by “Bucephalus Bouncing Ball” by Aphex Twin.
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This etude explores echo-like decrescendo effects. It also explores cross-sticks, muffling with one hand while playing with the other, one-handed buzzes, and extreme soft dynamics.

Etude 2 Key

“x” on the line is a rim shot.
“x” above the line is a cross stick.
“z” on a note is a one-handed buzz.
A staccato mark means to muffle the drum with the fingers of the hand that is not playing the note. (I recommend a drum with little muffling on it so the difference between these notes can be easily heard.

As always, if you learn the etude, I’d love to hear it.

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